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Bakemono:  Bakemono Bakers is a Melbourne-based bakery that specializes in Japanese-style breads and pastries. We use traditional methods and recipes to create our breads, which are then baked fresh each day.

We offer a range of different breads and pastries, including savoury options like our popular cheese tarts. Our sweet options include things like our matcha brioche buns and yuzu koshihikari rolls. We also have a selection of vegan-friendly options.

You can place an order with us online or by calling us on (03) 9600 4666. We offer same-day pick-up for orders placed by 9am, or you can choose to have your order delivered to you.


What is Bakemono?

Bakemono Bakers is a Melbourne-based baking company that specialises in Japanese-style breads and pastries.

Their breads are made using traditional methods and recipes, which results in a light and fluffy texture that is perfect for sandwiches or toast.

Bakemono Bakers also offer a range of sweet treats, such as matcha green tea cookies and brownies.

orders need to be placed by am for same day pick up*.

The Different Types of Bakemono

Bakemono come in all shapes and sizes, from the small and pesky kodama to the massive and powerful oni. Below are just some of the different types of bakemono you might encounter while baking in Japan.

Kodama: Kodama are small, forest-dwelling spirits that often take the form of balls of light or small animals. They are mischievous but ultimately harmless creatures that enjoy playing tricks on unsuspecting mortals.

Oni: Oni are large, ogre-like bakemono that dwell in mountains and forests. They are incredibly strong and often used as muscle by other bakemono. Oni are also known for their love of eating humans, so beware if you ever come across one!

Yurei: Yurei are ghosts of deceased humans that have failed to move on to the next life. They often haunt the places where they died or were buried, and can be very dangerous if disturbed. Yurei usually take the form of pale humanoids with long black hair, but they can also manifest as objects or animals associated with their death.

Bakeneko: Bakeneko are shape-shifting cats that can transform into human form. They often take on the appearance of beautiful women in order to lure men into traps. Bakeneko can be very dangerous if angered, so it’s best to stay on their good side!

The Process of Making Bakemono

Assuming you would like a detailed description of the process of making Bakemono:

Bakemono is a Japanese word that refers to a kind of supernatural creature, usually considered to be evil. The word can also be used more generally to refer to monsters or ghosts. In English, the word is typically translated as “monster” or “demon”.

The Bakemono Bakers website offers a variety of different monster-themed baked goods for sale, including cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. Customers can place orders online or by phone for same-day pick-up*.

*Orders must be placed by am for same-day pick-up.

The Benefits of Bakemono

Bakemono Bakers is a small, independent bakery based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in sourdough breads and pastries, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our breads are made using a slow fermentation process which results in a more flavourful and nutritious loaf. Our pastries are handmade with love and care, using traditional methods.

We believe in providing our customers with the best possible experience, which is why we offer same day pick up for orders placed by am. We also offer delivery to Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

At Bakemono Bakers, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with fresh, delicious breads and pastries that are good for them too!

How to Order Bakemono

To place an order with Bakemono Bakers, simply fill out the form on their website or give them a call at the shop. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and address. Orders can be placed for pickup or delivery.


If you’re ever in the Melbourne CBD and in need of a quick sugar hit, be sure to swing by Bakemono Bakers. With a range of delicious baked goods on offer, there’s something for everyone at this Japanese-inspired bakery. And if you order by 9am, you can even pick up your treats the same day*. So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Bakemono Bakers and treat yourself today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the pick up times?
    Same day pick up is available for orders placed by am.
  • What is the address?
    The address is Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC , Australia.

Login or Sign up for Bakemono is really easy. Just visit their website at and follow the instructions there to get started!

Bakemono Bakers
Place your order by 9am for same day pick up*. Order! Address. 273 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. Quick links.

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