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Ikon Doe Wa: The Department of Education is responsible for providing a quality education for all Western Australian students. The department works hard to provide resources and support to schools, teachers and students across the state.

One of the department’s initiatives is Ikon, a website that provides information and resources for students, parents and educators. Ikon is a one-stop-shop for education in WA, with resources covering everything from curriculum and assessment, to student wellbeing and careers advice. If you’re looking for information on education in WA, be sure to check out Ikon.

Ikon Doe Wa

What is Ikon?

Ikon is a Department of Education program that helps young people who have disengaged from school to reconnect and re-engage with their education. The program provides support and guidance to help young people make the most of their education and reach their full potential. Ikon also works closely with families, schools and communities to create positive educational outcomes for young people.

What services does Ikon provide?

Ikon provides a range of services to support students and families in the education system. These include:

  • Advice and support on educational issues
  • Assistance with finding and accessing resources
  • Liaison with schools and other agencies
  • Information sessions for parents and carers

How can Ikon benefit students?

Ikon can benefit students in many ways. One way is that it can help them academically. Another way is that it can help them with their career planning and goals. And finally, it can help them socially and emotionally.

Academically, Ikon provides a number of resources that can help students succeed in school. For example, Ikon has a homework helpline where students can get help with their homework from qualified tutors. In addition, Ikon offers a number of academic enrichment programs such as the Maths Challenge and the Science Olympiad. These programs give students an opportunity to learn more about their favourite subjects outside of the classroom setting.

Career-wise, Ikon can help students plan for their future by providing information on different careers, job shadowing opportunities, and internships. Ikon also offers a number of workshops and events throughout the year which focus on career development. For example, the Career Exploration Day allows students to explore different careers through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.

Socially and emotionally, Ikon provides a number of supports to help students thrive. For example, Ikon offers a counselling service which can provide students with support and advice on a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress management, and more. In addition, Ikon runs regular social events such as movie nights and barbecues which provide students with an opportunity to relax and connect with others.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Ikon?

To be eligible for Ikon, you must:

  •  be aged between 15 and 18 years old
  • be currently enrolled in Year 10, 11 or 12 at a Western Australian secondary school
  • have completed at least one semester of study in the current school year
  • have achieved a C grade or above in English and Mathematics in the previous semester of study
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or hold a valid visa with permission to study in Australia.

How to apply for Ikon

If you are interested in applying to Ikon, the Department of Education has made it easy for you. All you need to do is fill out an online application form and submit it by the deadline.

The online application form can be found on the Ikon website. Once you have completed the form, make sure to hit the submit button. The deadline for applications is typically in mid-January.

Ikon reviews all applications and then sends out invitations for interviews in late February or early March. If you are invited to interview, congratulations! This means that your application was strong and that the school is interested in getting to know you better.

At the interview, be prepared to talk about your goals, why you want to attend Ikon, and what you can contribute to the community. The interviewers will also ask you questions about your artwork. It is important to be honest, open, and enthusiastic during the interview process.

After all interviews have been conducted, Ikon will make its decision and send out acceptances in late March or early April. All applicants will be notified of their status via email. So keep an eye on your inbox!


Ikon is a great resource for students who are looking for information on the Department of Education in WA. The website is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information on the department, its services, and how to contact them. Ikon also has a convenient search function that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. If you’re a student in WA, I highly recommend bookmarking this site so that you can easily find it when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Ikon?
    Ikon is the Department of Education’s online learning platform. It provides access to high quality, engaging digital resources and courses for all Western Australian students in Kindergarten to Year 12.
  2. How do I access Ikon?
    You can access Ikon through the Department of Education website or directly at https://ikon.education.wa.edu.au/.
  3. What resources are available on Ikon?
    Ikon offers a range of digital resources and courses, including: early childhood education resources; primary school resources; secondary school resources; and vocational education and training (VET) resources.
  4. How do I find the resources I need?
    Ikon’s search function allows you to easily find the resources you need by keyword, title, subject or resource type. You can also browse through the different categories of resources to find what you’re looking for.
  5. Can I access Ikon from my mobile device?
    Yes – Ikon is optimised for mobile devices, so you can access it on your smartphone or tablet as well as your computer.

Login or Sign up for Ikon Doe Wa is really easy. Just visit their website at ikon.education.wa.edu.au and follow the instructions there to get started!

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